What costs are involved?
Individual Counselling costs from £50 per session. 
Couples Counselling costs from £75 per session.
However, individual circumstances are taken into account.
For me, as a counsellor, I am more concerned with people getting the help and support they need - so sometimes the fee is reduced.

Length of sessions

Each session lasts an hour and is usually weekly.

Duration of Counselling

This varies depending on what issues you as client bring to the sessions, so a clear definitive answer of how long counselling will take cannot be answered.  Generally the deeper the issues, the longer the therapy.  If a person is highly motivated to change then sometimes therapy only lasts a few sessions.  Sometimes the course of therapy may last a few months or longer.  However, my aim is to support you and help you reach some sort of resolution in the shortest time possible.

The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) produces a code of ethics and practices.  As Accredited Member of the BACP I follow these ethics of practice.  To provide the best service possible I take a brief history within the first couple of sessions and make brief notes following each session.  These notes are private and confidential.  No names are referred to in the notes so that identity is disguised and the notes are kept in a secure place.  Eventually all notes are shredded.

The exceptions to confidentiality are where you or another person may be deemed, in my best judgement, to be at risk of harm.  I would then discuss the best course of action and you, along with my supervisor, as to the next course of action.

Legally I have to inform the authorities if you disclose an act of terrorism.  My not informing the authorities makes me an accessory after the fact.

My supervision is in accordance with the BACP recommendation.  This states that all counsellors must have ongoing supervision on a regular basis.  My supervisor also follows the BACP’s code of ethics and confidentially is paramount.

Initially Psychodynamically trained I have gained my

I also trained as a Hypnotherapist in Loughborough.

I have and continue to attend other courses and workshops to broaden my knowledge.