Self-esteem is about the value we feel about our self. Our self-confidence & self-esteem are closely linked. They affect each other. They can be easily damaged and we can then start putting our seIf down.  Potentially this leads to depression and lack confidence. As our self-esteem reduces, so too does our confidence. We can find it hard to interact in relationships and may feel as if we are disconnected or lost. We may feel powerless and not able to contribute meaningfully to others.   We can feel low & bad about our self. We may worry how to be with others in case we say the wrong thing. And become overly concerned how others see us. Our insecurity and lack of confidence, can be like a shadow, blocking out our light.

Counselling helps you explore what led you to this point and help you find what makes you feel confident, worthy & happy about whom you are and what promoting your own wellbeing.

Effects of Low Confidence
Low confidence affects our self-esteem, often causing problems with:
Panic attacks
Comparing self with others
Conflict Making decisions 

Effects of Low Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem can lead to fear of:



Asking for what we want

What people think

Not being in control

Taking risks


Being inadequate, unworthy

Telling people how we really feel

Making mistakes

Being a failure

Being real

Confrontation, conflict


Doing what we want to do


Being seen as a fake or found out as not being any good

Being criticised, blamed, judged (ironically, this is what we do to us)

Rejection, abandonment

What people think

Being overly sensitive - our buttons easily pressed

Our low self-esteem problem is closely linked to struggles accepting & believing the fullness of who we are. This can lead to:
Lack of confidence or low self-confidence Becoming like a victim, martyr
Emotional insecurity Envy & jealousy
Self-pity Procrastination & difficulties making decisions
Self-doubt A poor self-image
Self-worth issues Becoming secretive
Self-criticism Self-obsession
Self-judgement Being self-absorbed & self-centred
Self-blame Negative self-talk
Self-hatred Self-comparison
Self-loathing Withdrawal & isolation